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Free Web Hosting for Airsoft Enthusiasts
1GB Disk Space
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10MySQL Databases
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There are three steps for our free hosting that are very simple; register, upload and manage. Registration is simple and painless, you only have to submit two very simple forms after which you are a 100% free, no strings attached member of AirsoftHost. Click on the link below to register for your free hosting!

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# Upload

After the simple registration procedure, your site has been created. You start out by uploading your files. This can be HTML pages, PHP scripts, images and stylesheets. Anything to make a modern site. Our systems adapts to changes on the fly, there are no delays after uploading! After uploading your resources, you can immediately view the site. Under our (example.airsofthost.com) or your domain!

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# Manage

After your site is online and running, you might want to make some changes, view the statistics, add more sites etc... All these tasks are provided by the easy to use control panel and sitemanager. Use FTP or the sitemanager to change or add files, use the control panel to make your site a success!

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We offer fully featured hosting that usually costs around $20 absolutely free for the Airsoft Community. All accounts have 1GB space, 20GB bandwidth, 10 MySQL Databases, PHP scripting, FTP Access . You can either use your own domain name, if you have one, or get a free subdomain. Many other features are standard as well, such as a file manger and one-click application installations. And best of all, No Advertisements on your webpages!. Another great feature is that there is No Coding/Web Experience Needed, you can simply use our Website Editor.The only condition we put on members sites is that no illegal or pornographic material is permitted, and that the site is either somewhat related to Airsoft or being used by an Airsoft player.

AirsoftHost provides 1st grade support. We have a Ticket System as well as Support Forums, and a FAQ. For General support please use our Support Forum and FAQ.
Support Forum

AirsoftHost was created by Airsoft Players for Airsoft Players. We have created this site so that other Airsofters can run their own fansite, team page, forum, picture gallery, personal page, and anything else. All of AirsoftHost's staff are experienced Airsofters as well as experienced in the Web Hosting field. We are simply trying to bring the best free web hosting service to the whole Airsoft Community, and provide a common place among Airsofters looking for webspace or anything else. In the creation of this service, we kept the new Airsoft Teams in mind, no longer will new Airsoft Teams have to spend money on hosting to get a decent webpage for their team. We also kept the common Airsoft player in mind, making sure that he gets the best tools possible so he can perfect his webpage.

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